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DSMax: The Fastest and Highest Definition Laser Displacement Sensor on the Market

man holding DSMax 3d laser displacement sensor with pcb in background

Cognex’s new DSMax laser line 3D displacement sensor is the fastest and highest definition sensor on the market, making it perfect for acquiring images and inspecting products in 3D. How does it do it? The DSMax is the only 3D displacement sensor that offers both high scan rates (up to 18 kHz) at full measurement range and maximum resolution images (2,000 profile points). DSMax's accurate, fast high dynamic range (HDR) images are ideal for measuring and inspecting very small parts, such as electronic components, which can contain highly reflective or dark features. So what makes the DSMax so special?

Accurate 3D inspections

The higher the number of profile points spread across a field of view, the more details that are revealed about the part and the more precise the 3D image. DSMax concentrates 2,000 profile points within just a 32-mm field of view (FOV), allowing for more accurate 3D inspections.

Short cycle times

DSMax acquires high resolution 3D images 5X faster than other displacement sensors on the market to increase throughput. A high-speed imager, high-speed comprehensive sensing technology, and the CoaXPress protocol achieve up to 18 kHz (full field) scan rates at maximum resolution. This amazing combination reduces cycles times and maximizes throughput.

Telecentric optics

Need to optimize image formation? DSMax is equipped with a telecentric lens which reduces shadows and delivers high-contrast images. It achieves this by directing the laser line straight down on the object, reducing the amount of light reflected away from the lens and increasing the light reflected back to the imager. Telecentric optics are ideal for precise measurements where accuracy, repeatability, and throughput are necessary to solve the application.

Fast High Dynamic Range (HDR)

DSMax acquires images with a fast HDR, reducing noise in the image and improving accuracy. HDR prevents DSMax from being affected by bright or highly reflective features on the part, delivering an optimized image for machine vision inspection.

Reliable vision tools

Reliable vision tools are key to accurate inspections. DSMax comes equipped with Cognex’s well known and respected VisionPro 3D toolset, which handles object location, measurement, and inspection. The Cognex Designer integrated development environment simplifies application set up and reduces deployment time. Now that's reliable!

To learn more about the DSMax, visit Cognex.com or download the free datasheet.

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